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Meet Dr. Dwight Reynolds

Dr. Reynolds is a graduate of Michigan State University and did his general surgery training at the Cleveland Clinic.  He is board certified in emergency medicine and has been involved in cosmetic surgery since 1993. Dr. Reynolds is the CEO and President of Centers for Health Promotion, Inc., located in Coral Springs, Florida. He has developed an international reputation in his teaching techniques and his demand for excellence.

Dr. Reynolds has been trained by many different experts in the field and has since trained other surgeons in both the United States and abroad in the art of Liposuction surgery (Tumescent Technique) and suture suspension.

Dr. Reynolds' has mastered the procedure of suture suspension invented by  Dr. Nikolay Serdev who bestowed upon him the title of "Master Instructor."  Dr. Reynolds later modified the technique in several key ways and developed the suture and equipment solutions necessary for FDA approval.

Over the the course of nearly 15 years, Dr. Reynolds has trained more than 700 physicians and has given workshops in 8 different countries. Lifetime to date, he has performed over 70,000 cosmetic procedures including over 2,500 Suture Suspension Lifts. All this makes Dr. Reynolds a valuable member of the Beaux Contours team.



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